Four years later and I officially decided to no longer use this blog. Ha! It's been fun, time for new adventures! But don't worry, I have another one. You won't get rid of me that easily. See you there I hope!?
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Brownie and I did some cavaletti practice today and the day before yesterday. Well, more like dressage practice with some conventiently placed ground bars, actually. She did great! Really good work for me as well, it allows me to focus on the task instead of fiddleling too much with how she moves etc, so that can come naturally instead.
Hehe, beautiful sketches, right? I did trot over the doubles in the middle and the rest gallop. Transitions at the X. The one to the right (which I did today) was especially good! With the 19 meters between the two bars I could extend/shorten her gallop, anywhere between 5 to 8 strides. She did super well and we were both drenched afterwards, sign of a good session right. : )
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4th of June

Basel is cloudy and grey today, but I sort of like it. It's been ridiculously warm lately and that doesn't go very well with the Scandinavian me. But no matter! My father is taking care of my horse today and I have the day off work. Meaning I can spend the day prepping for that two-day exam I have next week in Sweden (yes, I'm flying in just for that).
So. How exactly do you prepare for an exam when you have no idea what they're gonna ask you? And when it's not a knowledge based exam, but they're testing your imagination and ability to compose and visualise different objects and spaces?
I have no idea. But I'll figure it out over a cup of tea somewhere.
Last July with my bestest Karolin here visiting all the way from Miami. Come come come! <3